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Moving freight except house hold goods.

We Dispatch freight for brokers to carriers across the USA everyday, all types of commodities for everyday living from grocery stores, construction, lumber, vehicles, clothing and chain department stores, no two day are the same always a challenge get it where it needs to be on time through our Dispatch Service, if you are a independent owner operator or fleet owner and want to stay busy at the best national spot rates reach out to our company VRD Dispatch. It would be our pleasure to partner with you and continue to grow successful together

as we serve you and our communities with a spirit of excellence across the USA be safe out there OTR (Carriers) you're in our prayers.

P.S. Without truckers our world would come to a grinding halt...

We accept all major credit / debit  cards for our services. 



The average freight transit time is 24 hrs. Shipper to Receiver other loads 2-5 days depending on route and location of transit taking place. We accept all major credit / debit cards. 

VRD Dispatch Service is a subsidiary of VRD Enterprises 


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