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VRD Dispatch service.  With recommendations from multiple carriers and brokers across the USA. VRD Dispatch service has evolved from a God idea to a viable business. With your help, we can have a major impact on the companies and carriers we serve in our communities across the USA. Following the delivery, we stay in touch to provide other services that may be needed to assist in your continued success in the transportation industry. We're not just a Dispatch company we're here to serve and develop relationships that last long after the transit has been completed. 

VRD Dispatch Service 

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VRD Dispatch Service does a superior job for their clients they keep the carrier rolling with great rpm no matter the season always concerned about the bottom line and making sure the carriers are compensated and treated with respect for there service they're very professional and detail oriented. VRD provided a new load for my brother within one hour when his load was canceled what a exceptional company. 

I personally recommended VRD Dispatch Service to our congregation were we serve many in the trucking industry. May God continue to bless all that you put your hands'll went beyond my expectations. Thank you very much!

Pastor EV

Dallas, TX



Pastor / Logistics Manager

I only have good things to say about VRD Dispatch Service there very personal and have helped in so many ways. Paul, the load manager personally provided me with transportation to my Doctors appt. when my dad was OTR he assisted me in having a light fixture and ceiling fans installed, picked up furniture that needed to be removed from my apartment. I will only recommend VRD Dispatching Service. 

The Champ is here!

Plano, TX 


Carol O.

Apartment lover / Business owner. 

Veterans of  Texas. 

We assist Veterans everyday and we know when we need outside help. We call VRD Dispatch Service. Fast, easy, hassle free service. We have many clients that we support through Veterans of Texas. Everyday we receive excellent feed back in reference to VRD Dispatch Service in our community the best and most reliable in the transportation industry, always eager to

volunteer there time to serve the homeless in our community, wishing you'll the best and all the success you can handle.



Director / Veterans of Texas

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